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US President Joe Biden says he is 'feeling great' as he recovers from COVID-19

Joe Biden speaks from the White House.
US President Joe Biden's voice is raspy but he is otherwise in good health.(Twitter: President Biden)

US President Joe Biden says he's "feeling great" as he recovers from COVID-19, and is expected to return to normal work by the end of the week.

He is expected to end isolation in coming days. 

Mr Biden held a virtual event with semiconductor manufacturers and several top administration officials on Monday to promote legislation aimed at boosting chip production in the United States.

His voice was raspy but he seemed otherwise in good health.

"I'm feeling great. I've had two full nights of sleep," Mr Biden said.

The President, who tested positive for the coronavirus last Thursday, has been treated with the antiviral drug Paxlovid.

"I'm feeling good. My voice is still raspy," Mr Biden told reporters.

He said he hoped to be back at work in person at the end of this week, but was working a full schedule from the White House residence from about 9:30am to 6:30pm.

Mr Biden's physician, Kevin O'Connor, said in a memo released by the White House that the President's symptoms had "almost completely resolved".

"When questioned, at this point he only notes some residual nasal congestion and minimal hoarseness," Dr O'Connor said.

White House says regular updates on President's health unnecessary 

The White House defended the decision not to allow Dr O'Connor to brief reporters about Mr Biden, who at 79 is the oldest US president in history.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters the President only had mild symptoms, and with vaccines and treatments, a COVID-19 infection was not as serious as it was two years ago.

"He is managing this, he is reacting to the treatment very well," she said.

In his memo, Dr O'Connor reiterated Mr Biden's lungs remained clear and he was responding well to the treatment.

Over the weekend, the physician said Mr Biden's cough and body aches had diminished and he was not short of breath.

The White House has sought to show Mr Biden working through his illness.

On Thursday it released a video of him reassuring Americans he was fine, and on Friday he participated in virtual meetings with White House staff.

The President had no public events over the weekend, and travel plans for the early part of this week were cancelled.