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Drivers flee massive sandstorm in north-west China's Haixi region

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Footage of the sandstorm was filmed by a driver before he was caught and trapped for three hours.(AP Video: Mr Ning/Supplied)

Video has emerged showing a massive sandstorm engulfing a road in north-western China, trapping drivers for hours.

The sandstorm occurred in Qinghai province's Haixi region on July 20, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

Video provided to the Associated Press shows a fast-moving wall of sand turning the sky yellow.

Drivers sound their horns as they speed away from the billowing clouds of sand.

"I couldn't see anything when I was trapped. I felt a little scared," said Mr Ning, who filmed the sandstorm while travelling and only provided his last name.

He said the sandstorm chased after him for more than 100 kilometres before he was caught and trapped for three hours.