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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the questions we are most frequently asked about the ABC Kids website, ABC Kids apps and ABC Kids television programming, along with the answers.

What hours does ABC Kids broadcast?

ABC Kids programs are broadcast on the digital channel ABC Kids daily from 5am to 7.30pm.

ABC Kids share bandwidth with ABC TV Plus, a channel dedicated to showcasing the best of Australian culture and creativity every night of the week.

Tjitji Lullaby screens at 7.25pm Monday to Friday, or you can watch it anytime on the ABC Kids app. The Giggle and Hoot lullaby screens at 7.25pm Saturday and Sunday, or you can watch it anytime on the ABC Kids app.

What platforms are the ABC Kids apps available on?

To see which platforms our apps are currently available on, visit the info pages below:

I'm having trouble with one of the ABC Kids apps

If you are experiencing an issue with the ABC Kids app you can contact us via the ABC Kids app Contact Us page. To contact us from within the ABC Kids app, visit the "Feedback" page which you will find within the app's main Settings menu. Before completing the contact form, please ensure that your query is not already addressed on the ABC Kids app Help Centre page.

If you are experiencing an issue with one of the other ABC Kids apps, please check the FAQs section which you will find within the parents section of the app. If your issue is not addressed in the app's FAQs there is a 'Contact Us' section within the parents section of the app which you can use to contact us about the issue or alternatively you can contact us via this website's Contact Us page.

What do I need to access the ABC Kids website?

The ABC Kids website has been designed to be easy to use and with accessibility in mind. Basic site functionality can be accessed with a standard web browser. We recommend using the most recent version of your preferred web browser.

Printable content from within the Make section of the site may require Adobe ReaderĀ® in order to view and print content provided in PDF format. You can download Adobe Reader for free from

I'm having trouble playing games on the ABC Kids website.

If you experience a problem playing a game we suggest that you update your browser to its most recent version. If you are on a mobile device we also suggest updating your device's operating system to its most recent version. If issues persist please try playing the game in a different browser. There are many different types of mobile devices, all with varying memory and graphics capabilities, as such some mobile devices may have issues with some games either not loading or not playing properly. Mobile device users may also be interested in our play based apps.

What is the difference between video clips and full episodes?

Video clips are usually selected segments from shows. They normally run for a few minutes. Not all shows have video clips. For shows that do, the video clips are listed on the Show page.

Full episodes, as the name suggests, are entire episodes of shows. These vary in length depending on the show. Full episodes can be viewed on a mobile device via the ABC Kids app and on a desktop computer via the ABC iview website. Due to the nature of television content licensing, episodes will generally only be available online for a limited period of time.

Why are there non-English episodes on the ABC Kids app and ABC iview?

For some ABC Kids shows we have non-English episodes available. These non-English episodes are marked with a globe icon.

The specialised non-English language offering is provided for families who speak a language other than English and for those who may be learning a language other than English. ABC Kids prioritises English content for broadcast and for the ABC Kids app. Where possible and available, we will also look to provide a non-English language offering. From time to time, we may not always have the English and the non-English version available to us simultaneously. This may be due to the differing rights for the English and non-English content.

Why have you stopped screening my child's favourite show?

ABC TV regularly rests shows. This may be because we are waiting on new episodes, or because we want to try out a new show.

The Shows section of the website lists all of the shows shown on ABC Kids. If the show will broadcast on ABC Kids within the next two weeks then the date and time will be listed on the right-hand side of the show page.

If there is a message saying the show currently isn't on air, it means the show is being rested and won't be back for more than two weeks. Unfortunately we are not able to provide schedule information further into the future. Please keep checking the show page to see when it will next broadcast.

If a show is no longer listed in the Shows section of the website it generally means that we no longer own the rights to air the show. This does not mean that the show will never come back, but we are unable to say if or when it will return to ABC Kids.

This program is too mature for my child. Why is it on ABC Kids?

ABC Kids caters for children of all ages and stages of development up to 6 years of age, and we have a number of programs that appeal primarily to the older end of this range. If you find that a particular program is too mature for your child the ABC Kids app provides an alternative source of viewing if you prefer not to watch what is on our broadcast channel at any particular time. It also provides an opportunity for you to preview content, before your child watches it, to ensure that it is a suitable program for your child.
Examples of programs aimed towards our upper preschool audience are Catie's Amazing Machines, Dino Dana, Luo Bao Bei, Odd Squad, PJ Masks, Sir Mouse, Shaun the Sheep, The Highway Rat and The Deep.

Why do some ABC Kids shows have a Puggles symbol?

The Puggles symbol assists parents and carers to identify the shows that will best suit the littlest members of the family. You will find more information, including a list of our Puggles shows, on the Puggles page.

How do I submit a picture to the Giggle Gallery?

We are no longer accepting artwork submissions for the Giggle Gallery.

Can you bring back an old program?

The state of children's programming is constantly evolving, with new programs being produced in large quantities every year and there is now more variety in children's programming than there has ever been.

It is a core part of the ABC Charter that we must support innovation, and as such it is important that the ABC is frequently investing in new programming and not overly relying on re-runs.

It is possible that some popular shows from the past may reappear at a future date.

How do I access ABC Kids and other ABC digital channels?

You will need to have a digital television or free-to-air digital set top box. ABC Kids, ABC ME and ABC News are only available on digital TV, or through subscription television. You'll find information on the ABC TV and Radio help page.

How do I apply for work experience, a cadetship or a job at the ABC?

A range of work experience opportunities may be available depending on which state you are from.

I have a great idea for a show - can I talk to someone about it?

The ABC Independent Producers website for Children's television has details on suppling programming proposals to ABC Children's Television.

Offers of completed programs or programming that is in production should be sent to ABC Children's Acquisitions. For pitches or programs that are in the development stage, please send these proposals to ABC Children's Commissioning and Development.

Do you have merchandise relating to ABC Kids programs?

Visit the ABC Commercial website for a list of ABC retail partners and to contact the ABC Commercial team about merchandise queries.

Can I meet characters from ABC TV or arrange for them to appear at my event?

ABC Commercial co-ordinate ABC talent events and appearances. You'll find a list of upcoming events on the ABC Commercial Events page.

I wish to lodge a complaint about something I saw or heard on ABC

The ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs department deals with complaints relating to ABC content and deals with such complaints in accordance with the ABC Complaints process.

Audience and Consumer Affairs will investigate the circumstances of your complaint. Once this process is complete, you will receive a written response explaining the ABC's conclusion. The ABC aims to respond to all complaints within 28 days of receipt. If a considered response cannot be provided quickly, an acknowledgment will be sent.

If your complaint is upheld, the ABC will openly admit its error. If it is not upheld, the reply you receive will clearly set out the reasons.

Visit the Lodge a Complaint page to lodge a complaint or for more information about the ABC complaints process.

My question hasn't been answered here

If your question has not been answered here you can complete our Contact Form and one of our staff will endeavour to assist you.