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Jasmine Hines
Jasmine Hines

Jasmine Hines

Rockhampton, QLD

Jasmine Hines is a reporter with ABC Capricornia in central Queensland. Contact her via Twitter @jasminehines_

Latest by Jasmine Hines

Childcare workers face court after 3yo found unconscious on day care bus

Two women have fronted court for the first time after allegedly leaving a three-year-old girl on a day care bus for several hours.
Two women and a man leaving a building

Love and training transforms Tenterfield terrier from tiny terror to agility champion

Spryte was a rescue dog with too much energy until dog trainer Alexandria Bailey came along. Now the Tenterfield terrier is a master dog agility champion about to star in a television drama series.
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A small black and white dog weaving through sticks

Bonnie was told she’d be a bad jockey because she was 'a girl’. Now more women than men are joining the sport

When Bonnie Thomson first became a jockey 25 years ago, she said it was a male-dominated industry where women often had to share the same facilities as men. But now that the majority of apprentice jockeys are women, where are they getting changed?
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A woman wearing bright orange shirt and head gear sitting on a brown horse

Queensland cold snap smashes temperature records

July weather records have tumbled down Queensland's east coast after maximum temperatures dropped to between eight and 12 degrees Celsius below average. 
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A woman sits alone on a beach with her umbrella looking out over a misty island

Meet the family leaving no stone unturned to explore Australia

Liz and Steve Evans made the "terrifying" decision to pack up their life and hit the road with their two young children. And the way they are funding it is a little outside the box.
A family of four stand by a giant sieve they use to hunt for gemstones.

Farmers desperate for water start the season with no help from the dam they rely on

For the fourth year in a row, growers in the Central Highlands will start their season with no water allocations after La Niña failed to deliver. But nearby cattle producers are optimistic about the season ahead.
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A drone shot of a dam with a small amount of water.

'They're like cockroaches, they're everywhere': Feral goat population explosion damages Woppa-Great Keppel

Conservationists demand the island's key resort leaseholder do something before even more environmental damage occurs.
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A goat standing in grass with another goat lying down

Determined front-end loader thief smashes into police holding yard to 're-steal' a Commodore

Security camera captures thief going to extreme lengths, causing more than $100,000 damage, to take a stolen Holden awaiting forensic testing.
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A grainy CCTV shot of a yellow front loader

Regional Queensland remains LNP heartland as voters react to 'greenslide'

The Liberal National Party has retained 70 per cent of federal seats in Queensland, leaving many in the agriculture and mining sectors worried the inner-city electorates' embrace of the Greens could deepen the regional divide between city and country. 
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A man wearing work button up shirt in a green paddock filled with herbs

Defence exercises likely to increase following China-Solomon Islands agreement

Australia, US, and Japan military exercises like the current Southern Jackaroo exercise are more important than ever, security analysts say, but investment is also needed with closer neighbours.
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Profile shot of a soldier in a helmet pointing a gun

'Huge milestone' for traditional owners celebrating largest sea country agreement on Great Barrier Reef

The Darumbal people will manage more than 36,000 square kilometres of sea country off the central Queensland coast, using methods based on cultural lore and science.
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People in a crowd clapping.

Worker sues for $3.2m over injuries from battery explosion at mine site

A central Queensland man has filed a claim against a national firm alleging a battery exploded, splashing acid and damaging his spine, nerves, and eyes, and ruining his time left with his grandchildren.
A man wipes away a tear

Kate was addicted to ice, went cold turkey at home with no access to rehab. Finally, a new door has opened

A first-of-its-kind drug and alcohol rehab centre has opened in regional Queensland. It means people won’t have to travel hundreds of kilometres for help or go without.
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A woman's hands rested on her knee. She has a silver ring and bracelet, as well as a black smartwatch

More than 40 prisoners charged after 16-hour central Queensland prison riot

The riot is described as the most significant event in the prison's history and allegedly involved up to 70 prisoners. Police say prisoners climbed the roof and used diesel from the garden shed to make molotov cocktails. 
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A sign in front of correctional facility

Why Harvard's famous 'crocodile with flippers' fossil was dynamited from Queensland ground

While the world's only mounted Kronosaurus queenslandicus fossil is at Harvard University, palaeontologists say there are better specimens still waiting to be found in outback Queensland.
A large marine reptile with a big jaw

These medicines go back ‘many thousands of years’. Now their benefits will be formally researched

Researchers are delving into the properties of gumby gumby trees and other traditional medicines in partnership with a Ghungalu elder from central Queensland.
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Clear capsules containing green power on a white paper plate

Mother and brother charged with murder over Easter Sunday death of family member in central Queensland

The mother and brother of a man found with fatal stab wounds at Gladstone on Easter Sunday are charged with murder.
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Close-up of Queensland Police Service badge

For years we’ve heard ‘flooded, forget it’, but why aren’t drivers listening?

Frustrated rescuers say motorists continue to ignore safety warnings about driving through floodwaters, despite a number of recent deaths.
A campaign flyer with a woman looking in her rear view mirror, with bad weather ahead. It says "Back it Up"

Shared love brings mermaids out of their shells – but they warn novices to use caution

For years Taffy Brown would don an iridescent mermaid tail and swim in the secluded shores of the southern Great Barrier Reef. Initially, fear of judgement meant her weekend trips were done in secret — but that all changed when she met someone just like her.
A woman on a rock wearing a mermaid tail, there is ocean in the background.

This woman has terminal cancer. Her 'fun, bright and light' book aims to help families talk about it

Diagnosed with terminal breast cancer after the birth of her youngest son, Kala Heinemann uses her experience to help other families talk to children about illnesses.
A close-up of a middle-aged woman's profile, short blonde hair wearing pink lipstick, gold and pink earings, looking pensive.

Queensland Alumina equipment failure causes caustic spray of chemical into community

The Department of Environment and Science said overnight on Tuesday a high-pressure pipe carrying sodium hydroxide failed, with the chemical spray released onsite and into neighbouring areas.
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The QAL alumina refinery from the air

No choice but a nanny for parents living in Australia's childcare 'deserts'

Queensland oarents say they're being forced to consider abandoning their careers to look after their kids, who are likely to have at least one birthday before a childcare spot opens up.
A woman holds a toddler and a young child, they are smiling.

'We're not Russian': Great Moscow Circus hits back over social media misunderstanding

The Australian business employs Ukrainian performers and is even helping their family escape Russia's invasion.
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Photo of Great Moscow Circus bigtop in Queens Park Toowoomba

'I started early because he's a smart boy': How a free screening service helped Arlo use sign language

Georgia Hegarty had a gut instinct her son was lagging in his speech milestones but, thanks to a free screening service, the three-year-old speaks a range of words, and even communicates using sign language.
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A woman smiles, she is holding a smiling toddler

'The humidity is pretty extreme': Parts of Queensland to swelter through heatwave

While south-east Queensland slowly begins the clean-up from devastating floods, central and north Queensland are facing a heatwave with extreme humidity. With only sporadic rainfall in the region, some farmers say conditions are the worst they have ever seen it.
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A young girl in swimmers in a pool with other people around

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