• The Strange Chores

    Two teenage wannabe warrior-heroes who, together with the spirited ghost girl Que, master the skills they need to replace an ageing monster slayer.

    Series 2 now showing daily at 5:50pm

  • Built To Survive

    Phil Breslin draws on the knowledge of science, First Nations peoples and his own experience in the wild, to find out how animals have adapted to some of the world's most extreme and diverse, natural habitats.

    Brand-new series daily at 7:00pm

  • The Deep

    The Nekton family's undersea adventures continue with friends new and old, incredible sea creatures, big, small and HUGE. But most importantly, they finally catch a glimpse of their ultimate goal: the lost city of Lemuria.

    Series 4 now showing daily at 4:20pm

  • First Day

    In her second year at Hillview, Hannah's run for Class Captain exposes an underlying level of transphobia among her classmates.

  • Maverix

    Six young motocross riders come together to form a team to make the national titles - or crash out trying.

  • Born To Spy

    Yu Na and Min Park want more excitement in their lives, but they don’t realise just how crazy things will become when they discover that their parents are actually international spies.

  • Space Nova

    The Nova family know that there is an advanced, intelligent species out there, able to travel the universe in the blink of an eye. If only they can find them…

  • 100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone

    Freddy Lupin would be just like any other ordinary eleven-year-old boy... except he is neither ordinary nor simply ‘a boy’. He is eleven though... and also a werewolf!

  • Odd Squad The Movie

    Odd Squad is forced out of business when Weird Team arrives with a gadget that solves odd problems. But while leading normal lives, the Odd Squad agents discover that the group isn't solving problems, just covering them up.

  • Step Up To The Plate

    Fred Sirieix and Allegra McEvedy are searching for a new generation of young talent who can make it big in the restaurant industry.

Most Popular

School Of Rock

Follow the misadventures of Dewey Finn, a rocker who poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school.

Detention Adventure

Three nerdy friends and the school bully must get themselves thrown into detention to find the entrance to a labyrinth of trap-laden tunnels protecting the fabled hidden lab of Alexander Graham Bell.

Total DramaRama

Total Dramarama re-introduces favourite cast members including loveable Owen and uptight Courtney.

  • Total DramaRama

    Total Dramarama re-introduces favourite cast members including loveable Owen and uptight Courtney, aging them down from teenagers to toddlers.

  • BTN Newsbreak

    Find out what's going on in the world with a news bulletin designed for you.

  • 100 Things To Do Before High School

    With real life and teen drama awaiting her after 8th grade graduation, CJ has only a short time left to make the most of her middle school years.

  • Little Lunch

    Mrs Gonsha's class is graduating from Grade 6 and everyone is excited about going to High School, but when they uncover the explosive news that Rory is unable to graduate with them, no one is eager to leave school any more.

  • Danger Mouse Ultimate

    Help Danger Mouse and Penfold save the day!

  • Sprint Club Nitro

    Race against 20 cars on 9 levels and use your winnings to upgrade your car! Collect nitro boosts to hit super speed.

  • Dragon Dash

    Collect gems while flying away from an erupting volcano - but watch out for birds

  • Mini Putt Forest

    It's a mini putt adventure - in a forest! 18 levels of teleports, electric sparks and water hazards await you.