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Storm Disaster

Drivers flee massive sandstorm in north-west China

Video shows a fast-moving wall of sand turning the sky yellow as drivers flee the billowing clouds.
Three cars speed down a desert road away from a gigantic desert sandstorm.

live: NSW Now: Massive queues at Sydney Airport as heavy fog blankets city

MORNING BRIEFING: Travellers have once again been severely impacted by heavy fog and technical problems, causing flight delays at Sydney Airport and a road weather warning.
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A building sticks out of the fog

'Particularly grim' picture for WA revealed in environment report, scientists warn

The latest State of the Environment report paints a "grim" picture for Western Australia, according to scientists, with mammal extinctions, bushfires and water availability highlighted as key areas of concern.
A Gilberts Potoroo standing in dry leaves in bush land staring at camera holding front paws together

How can black mould in water-damaged houses affect your health?

Wet weather across much of the country has caused a rapid rise in complaints about black mould.
Duration: 2 minutes 35 seconds

'Like an earthquake': Landslide starts to swallow home after NSW floods

The owner of a house in north-west Sydney that partially fell into a 6 metre-deep hole during a landslide says it felt "like an earthquake".
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A house on the edge of a sinkhole

Residents return home to face aftermath of NSW floods

For many, what's left is heartbreaking as more residents have been told they can return with caution where floodwaters have receded.
Duration: 4 minutes 37 seconds

Clean-up operations underway in flood-affected NSW

While evacuation orders have been lifted in many parts, danger still looms for rural residents facing days of isolation.
Duration: 2 minutes 32 seconds

Horses rescued from flooded property at Millers Forest

Emergency services and civilians have rescued several horses from a flooded property in Millers Forest.
Duration: 1 minute 9 seconds

Kangaroo Valley residents expect to be cut off for weeks after road washed away

Just 12 hours after the main road into Kangaroo Valley reopened following the March floods, it was flooded again, leaving the community to navigate yet another disaster recovery and an "unprecedented" level of infrastructure damage.
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Road closed sign

NSW flood victims return home to wreckage, Premier says enormous challenge lies ahead

Flood-affected New South Wales residents are reminded to stay vigilant with flooding still isolating communities in the Hunter and Central Coast.
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Maitland flooding

Woman, 72, rescued after being trapped in car with water up to her neck, as heavy rain moves out to sea

A 72-year-old woman was rescued after being trapped in her car with water up to her neck on the NSW Mid-North Coast.
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Police rescuing a woman trapped in a car

Flood emergency as rain moves north of Sydney

The State Emergency Service is warning conditions could deteriorate in the Hunter Valley.
Duration: 4 minutes 16 seconds

'Heroic' rescue sees cargo ship make it to shore after being stranded for three days

The Port Authority of NSW confirms all 21 crew members aboard the MV Portland Bay are safe after being stuck off the coast of Sydney since Monday.
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A tug boat and a cargo ship

Long-term mental health concerns for flood-affected victims

The resilience of people living in areas affected by floods for a second, third and fourth time is really being put to the test.
Duration: 4 minutes 54 seconds

More flood relief to be available for affected residents in New South Wales

The Prime Minister says disaster payments worth up to one thousand dollars per adult will be available.
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Duration: 3 minutes 28 seconds

Here's who can claim a $1,000 flood payment from tomorrow

The announcement of the one-off cash grant comes as there are more than 100 evacuation orders across New South Wales due to intense flooding.
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Drone vision of flooded residential streets next to large lake

Cost of home insurance keeping flood-affected Ted and his neighbours under water

Any other day, Ted Kelleher will rave about his neighbourhood in flood-affected Greater Sydney. But as flood waters rise, he is taking fresh stock of the home he loves.
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ted kelleher windsor harriet tatham

Stranded bulk carrier with 21 crew members on board drifts further north after tugboat cable snaps

Poor conditions overnight have thwarted rescue attempts as MV Portland Bay is anchored off Cronulla. Rescuers hope the ship can be towed in to nearby Port Botany once conditions ease, possibly on Wednesday. 
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A bulk carrier and two tug boats thrash around in big swell

Emergency services assess cargo ship to determine rescue feasibility

Emergency services have assessed a cargo ship which lost power off the Royal National Park, to determine whether it was safe to rescue the ship's crew.
Duration: 41 seconds

'What even is normal anymore': Windsor cafe owner rues fifth flood in three years

Owner of a Windsor cafe, Kirsty Camilleri says she does not know what normal is anymore after experiencing the area's fifth flood in three years.
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Duration: 3 minutes 47 seconds

Tugboat arrives on scene to assist powerless boat off Royal National Park

Authorities believe a tugboat has arrived to assist a cargo ship which has lost power in a storm off the coast of the Royal National Park, preventing it from being pushed towards the cliffs.
Duration: 50 seconds

More than 20 people missing in Hong Kong waters after Typhoon Chaba snaps vessel in half

More than 20 people are missing after an engineering vessel with 30 crew members on board snapped in half during a typhoon in waters off the coast of Hong Kong. 
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A man in orange high visibility clothes winches another man up into a helicopter above rough seas

More heavy rain to come for coastal NSW

Defence force troops have been put on standby to respond to more heavy rain for the NSW coast, with the Illawarra receiving a month of rain in 24 hours.
Duration: 1 minute 46 seconds

How climate change is impacting the world's cyclones

Cyclone numbers have dropped around the world, according to new research from an Australian-led team of scientists who say the storms are becoming more intense.
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cyclone seen from space

Farmer killed in floods didn't initially notice rush of water coming at him, wife says

By investagative reporter Emily Baker
The wife of a Tasmanian man who died in floods in 2016 told police the floodwater that killed her husband "came so quickly" and she had "never seen anything like it before".
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Sheep stand in floodwaters near a wire fence.