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Unrest, Conflict and War

Myanmar activist Phyo Zeya Thaw swore to "fight to the end"

Phyo Zeya Thaw was executed by the Myanmar military junta along with Kyaw Min Yu, Hla Myo Aung and Aung Thura Zaw.
Duration: 7 minutes 49 seconds

Families of executed Myanmar activists say military refusing to hand over bodies

Foreign Minister Penny Wong says Australia opposes the death penalty, calling on the junta to release unjustly detained prisoners and end violence in the country.
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Phyo Zeya Thaw arrives at the Myanmar parliament in yellow shirt with party pin and bag

Russia's Gazprom slashes gas supply to Europe again

Russia's state-owned gas supplier cuts supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to just 20 per cent of capacity due to alleged maintenance issues — an explanation rejected by main importer Germany.
Pipes at the landfall facilities of the 'Nord Stream 1' gas pipeline in Lubmin, Germany

Port of Odessa struck with Russian missiles after grain export deal

Russia says the strike was aimed at military infrastructure, just hours after the landmark deal was secured between Kyiv and Moscow.
Duration: 8 minutes 29 seconds

analysis: A new deal between Ukraine and Russia may show a path to the end of the war

By Mick Ryan
While the Russian attack on Odesa is hardly an auspicious beginning and is indicative of the lack of trust between the belligerents, there are some important takeaways from the agreement, writes Mick Ryan.
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Grain terminal view as grain pours out of machine onto pile.

Lavrov declares Russia's aim is to overthrow Zelenskyy

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov describes Ukraine's government as "anti-people and anti-historical", accusing Kyiv and its Western allies of turning Ukraine into the "eternal enemy of Russia". 
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaking

Eurovision song contest 2023 will be held in UK on behalf of Ukraine

While decades-long tradition dictates that the winner of the contest gets to host it the following year, runners-up Britain are instead invited to host due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.
Winners of Eurovision 2022. Man with pink hat surrounded by other men on the Eurovision TV set.

People told to stay at home amid violence in PNG

The outbreak of fighting follows a vicious machete attack over ballot counting in the national election. Natalie Whiting reports.
Duration: 1 minute 43 seconds

Iran reveals nuclear watchdog cameras to stay switched off over UN conflict

Officials say the monitoring equipment will not be restored until a nuclear pact is restored.
Iran nuclear plant

Multiple people killed after shots fired at Los Angeles park

Police say they don't know how many shooters are involved. 
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Los Angeles Park Shooting

'Clean-up raves' turn Ukraine's bombed buildings into techno festivals

A bombed-out cultural centre in northern Ukraine becomes a rave for hundreds of young people wanting to rebuild their city. 
A woman with short blonde hair, sunglasses plays a keyboard while people watch in ruined building

Former rapper and MP among four people executed by junta in Myanmar

By Erin Handley with wires
Among those executed was former hip-hop artist and ousted MP Phyo Zeya Thaw, who has close ties to Australia and whose death has sent a ripple of shock through the diaspora community here.
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Four people standing and smiling at Sydney departure gate

DJs put on techno music party as volunteers clean up destroyed building in Ukraine

More than 200 volunteers have attended a techno party to clean up a destroyed building in northern Ukraine. More than 200 volunteers have attended a techno party to clean up a destroyed building in northern Ukraine.
Duration: 29 seconds

Human rights group seeks arrest of Sri Lanka's former president

A human rights group has filed a criminal complaint seeking the arrest of Sri Lanka's former president for alleged war crimes during his country's civil war.
Gotabaya Rajapaksa presents a speech at COP26

Russia wants international tribunal to condemn Ukrainian soldiers for crimes against humanity

Moscow charges 92 members of the Ukrainian armed forces with crimes against humanity and proposes an international tribunal backed by countries including Bolivia, Iran and Syria.
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Ukrainian Army soldiers pose for a photo in front of national flags

Top US general calls China 'noticeably more aggressive' as Beijing says South China Sea is not a 'fighting arena'

The Chinese military has become significantly more aggressive and dangerous over the past five years, a top US military officer says while visiting Indonesia as part of a trip to the Indo-Pacific.
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U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff talks to the media after his meeting with Indonesian Armed Forces

January 6 committee eyes former Trump officials for coming hearings

The January 6 committee reveals it is considering a subpoena for Virginia "Ginni" Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
Rioters outside the capitol building in the US on Jan 6th.

Uncertainty looms over deal to resume Ukrainian grain exports from Black Sea

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov assures Cairo of Moscow's ability to supply grain as Ukraine downplays its ability to resume exports through the Black Sea following a missile strike on an Odesa port.
Grain terminal view as grain pours out of machine onto pile.

Gang armed with machetes attacks voters at PNG polling booths

Voting is due to wrap up this week, but there are concerns about the impact of widespread violence. PNG Correspondent Natalie Whiting reports.
Duration: 2 minutes

Russia strikes Ukrainian port a day after signing deal

Ukraine's president has slammed Russia for missile strikes on the port of Odesa, calling it blatant barbarism.
Duration: 1 minute 53 seconds

Russia attacks Ukrainian port a day after signing deal to unblock Black Sea trade routes

Russian missiles have hit Ukraine's southern port of Odesa, the Ukrainian military says, threatening a landmark deal signed just a day before to unblock grain exports from Black Sea ports and ease global food shortages caused by the war.
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Firefighters work at site of fire at Odesa port, with ship seen in background as smoke rises nearby.

analysis: As the West grapples with what it stands for, authoritarians stand with certainty

US President Joe Biden has framed the war in Ukraine as a contest between autocracy and democracy. It begs the question then: just what is this fight for, asks Stan Grant. 
People search through the rubble of a destroyed building.

Talking about sexual consent landed Mitra on the Taliban's hitlist. Now in Australia, she faces a new fight

In Afghanistan, Mitra Hussaini was an outspoken champion of women's rights. While her new Australian home has given her temporary safety, she fears for her family left behind.
An image of Mitra giving an address in Kabul in 2018.

Ukraine and Russia sign agreement to lift grain blockade

The landmark deal to reopen Ukrainian Black Sea ports for grain exports raises hopes that an international food crisis aggravated by the Russian invasion can be eased.
UN, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey sign grain agreement

Brazilian prosecutors charge three people with shooting deaths of two men in the Amazon

Brazilian prosecutors have charged three men with the June murder of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira in the remote western reaches of the Amazon rainforest, according to a statement. 
Protesters hold up large sign featuring images of two missing men in Brazil.